Hello, I’m David Curry.
Software Engineer & Data Scientist

David is a data and software technologist with 25 years of industry experience. He has fostered engineering excellence through technical leadership, aligned teams and technology to meet business needs, and successfully delivered systems that transform organizations.

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Who am I?

I enjoy using data and technology to solve real-world problems.

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Sales Demand Forecast Application

This application helps Marketing & Sales identify trends in product demand. The application is a predictive dashboard using Machine Learning.

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Sales Demand Forecast Application
Product Price Recommendation

Product Price Recommendation

This application helps Marketing & R&D Teams determine product gaps and price new products to fill the gaps using machine learning. The application is a predictive dashboard using Machine Learning.

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Targeted Marketing with Customer Purchase Probability

Commerce companies have the challenge of predicting future income. This machine learning application was created to predict the probability and amount that customers will spend within the next 90 days. Having a purchase probability score for each customer helps increase revenue and reduce churn.

Targeted Marketing with Customer Purchase Probability
2018 - Present
Analytics Consultant
Sure Optimize
2015 - 2018
Chief Technology Officer
Africa Talent Management
2014 - 2016
Manager of Data & Software Engineering
2004 - 2014
Lead Software Engineer
AFSCME (continued)
2000 - 2004
Senior Web Developer
Carefirst BlueCross BlueShield
1997- 2000
Application Developer


Working with software and data systems for 25 years has given me the experience of building and managing systems that are critical to organizational success.



Reporting diverse marketing data

David created an analytics strategy that integrates our marketing systems so that we can collect and analyze data for marketing objectives; and report key metrics to leadership.

Richard Grieser

Richard Grieser

Vice President of Marketing, Sales Boomerang

Great work

David did a great job directing us through the appropriate product strategy. Their ability to keep technology aligned with our business objectives helped create a quality product. We are glad to have a reliable analytics advocate for our business.

Matt Webster

Matt Webster

CTO, Barbaricum

Awesome work

Working with David has helped take our business to new heights by leveraging data-driven insights and ultimately helping to create a better experience for our customers.

Matt Dancho

Matt Dancho

Founder, Busiess Science